Claudia Hoyser

Claudia Hoyser is an emerging modern country artist picking up steam with her sass, class and swagger. Always carving a unique path, this girl is paving her own way in the music industry and rocketing into 2019. In a year’s time Claudia and her devoted team have impacted country radio and garnered over over 40 million organic streams on social media, resulting in Claudia becoming a social influencer.

Her latest single, “Call It Out” hit country radio and rapidly climbed the MusicRow Country Breakout Charts.


Tito's Vodka

Tito Beveridge wasn’t always known as “the vodka guy.” Born and raised in San Antonio, Tito went to Vanderbilt for a year before returning to Texas to attend UT (University of Texas at Austin), where he graduated with degrees in geology and geophysics. After college he got into the oil and gas business. He did that in Texas, and then found himself down in Venezuela and Colombia running heli-portable dynamite seismic crews. He came back to Texas, again, and started a drilling company in Houston.


Pura Vida

At the intersection of craft and beverage, the story of Pura Vida Tequila dates back to 1923, when two brothers worked the agave fields outside Arandas in the heart of Mexico’s finest agave-producing region. Under the care of these vigilant agaveros, the fields of beautiful blue agave in Los Altos earned international acclaim for its exceptional quality, rich flavor, and high sugar content (the lifeblood of tequila). Here, among fourth-generation agaveros, the first expression of Pura Vida Tequila was brewing.


A large part of our business activity involves event concept development, site location and acquisition, event management, event production services and event related travel and transport logistics with an emphasis on Bahamas, US and Caribbean resort destinations; It is a Roger Berkon priority to attract strategic partners that share our client’s desire to produce and or sponsor
Place Specific - Lifestyle Events.

Our clients have included Anheuser Busch-InBev-five consecutive concerts in the Bud Light Port Paradise Concert Series, Bud Light Hotel-Miami Super Bowl, Royal Caribbean International, Best Buy, NCL (Norwegian Cruise Lines), ESPN / Disney, TD Bank Canada and many more.
- Roger Berkon -

Outsourcing and sub-contracting is an ever-debated topic and generally those with the strongest opinions against it tend to have the least amount of information and knowledge about it.

When it comes to lifestyle events management you can ill-afford not to sub­contract.

This is the opinion shared by the team at B O S A Roger Berkon, a lifestyle events promotion and production management company. B O S A Roger Berkon operates on a tried and tested outsource model, contracting the most suitable skills required for each individual production. “These strategic partners are leaders in their field, sharing a commitment to the same high standards of excellence as B O S A Roger Berkon. By creating and managing synergies between communication and event production specialists, B O S A Roger Berkon offers integrated promotion, communications and event production solutions to the challenges posed by a rapidly evolving lifestyle events production landscape.

These challenges may include brand and target audience overview, risk, legal, and security planning, budgeting, sponsorship evaluation, public relations and marketing, human resource coordination, concept overview, production elements, technical management and expertise, hospitality, artist bookings and management and more. To meet these challenges requires diverse skill sets that are not always available in-house.

While outsourcing is not for everyone, you need to take serious consideration of the concept.

B O S A Roger Berkon provides unique venues and platforms for effective brand promotion, marketing and demonstration of most OceanSports, MotorSports and related lifestyle products.

Beyond traditional marketing and brand promotion programs, a commercial events partnership, or an event series sponsorship, with B O S A Roger Berkon can deliver relevant interaction with your targeted markets that can build strong and lasting commercial relationships for your brand.

B O S A Roger Berkon knows the majority of those in the targeted markets prefer to purchase products and services from manufacturers and dealers who partner with and participate in their choice of lifestyle events.

We recognize the importance and value of managed turnkey event marketing platforms. We can create an event, a commercial event partnership or an event series sponsorship platform specifically for you. We know that few things make an event more attractive to you, the commercial event partner or sponsor, than our ability to give you what you are looking for; and we can give you the ability to project the trust that a commercial event partnership or an event series sponsorship builds in your specific customer base.

B O S A Roger Berkon event partnerships and series sponsorships are purposely limited… and most are category exclusive. We believe that by limiting these programs we can deliver cost-effective sales and marketing platforms designed to maximize your visibility and drive positive results for the participating products and brand.


I wish it possible to turn back time and again be seduced by the sights and sounds of Offshore Powerboat Racing in the Bahamas.

At the milling area and starting line were the early versions of boats such as Bertram, Formula, Cary, Cigarette, Magnum and a few more, powered by legendary motor builders, Holman Moody, Daytona, Mercury, and Kiekhaefer.



Resorts World Bimini hosted the first Offshore Powerboat Association -OPA- race outside US (domestic) waters April 28th and 29th, 2017. This successful and exciting offshore powerboat racing event was the culmination of effort on the part of the Resorts World Bimini / Hilton Hotel marketing team and Roger Berkon for B O S A, a group that has been producing lifestyle events throughout the Bahamas, Caribbean and elsewhere for more than thirty years.

“Resort World built this spectacular hotel, casino, and marina complex on the tiny island of Bimini in The Bahamas and the performance ocean-sports world needed to know about it… Bringing the Resorts World Offshore Powerboat Grand Prix to this world-class resort just made good sense. We televised the event across the United States and select other markets with a one-hour show on NBC SportsNet that maximized Resorts World Bimini exposure in key markets. There’s just no better way I know of to present a resort, a marina and the vast array of guest amenities to an international audience of performance powerboat enthusiasts”, said Roger Berkon.




Give us your vision and we can provide all event services transparently (non-branded) as your production group, yet certify full independent contractor status at all times. We look forward to reviewing and discussing your event concepts, proposals and production plans. Or we can develop an event package for you. All you have to do is show up. We can take care of the rest. We are easy to work with.


Our site services team can provide production equipment, production labour, per diem management, service helicopters, charter air / sea transport and event site concierge for commercial partners, sponsors, entertainers and production staff. We are the one call you have to make before your next event.


We are experienced and specifically well versed in lifestyle events, new product releases, concert production, power sports, aero sports, and ocean sports. Marine oriented resorts, ‘full-charter’ cruise ship events, and remote island locations are a specialty..

B O S A Roger Berkon is not an air carrier nor does B O S A Roger Berkon own any aircraft for hire and or otherwise utilized for any commercial endeavor.
B O S A Roger Berkon does not have authority from the Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or any other government agency to
operate any aircraft nor is B O S A Roger Berkon engaged in the business of maintaining, owning, repairing or evaluating the physical condition of any aircraft.

B O S A Roger Berkon is solely in the business of brokering aircraft charters on behalf of clients. All Flights are operated by Part 135 Carriers. All operators
providing service for B O S A Roger Berkon clients must meet the current standards as set forth by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).