Photographer, Video, Web Designer, Graphic Artist, Software Developer

Event planning and development. Onsite logistics focused on ensuring that production runs smoothly and on schedule. Creative branding. Media services through video production and presentation content creation. Web streaming.

Web development from small business to corporations. E-commerce sites database driven. Skilled in MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, Responsive.

My work spans forty years from Macy's, GQ, Sports Illustrated, Elle Magazine to Pathology Departments and Surgical Suites (filming surgical procedures to educate). I made a brief stop at the National Geographic and the Kansas City Star and Times.

Watched photography transition from film to digital and worked with Kodak on the DCS Series cameras, a Kodak digital back mated to a Canon or Nikon body. The first professional digital cameras. 1 MP, back when that was a big number. Digital would never replace film.