The good news for APBA and similar organizations… there will always be fast boats, people who drive them and numerous others who race ‘em. That is the advantage and the direct connection between the boat builders, their products and the performance boating lifestyle.

As to the sports racing management and leadership, I sincerely hope it comes to grips with the fact that the development and presentation of RACE PRODUCT is key and that FAN-BASE is where the true COMMERCIAL VALUE is; these are the numbers that sell across all monetized media forms. Race Product and Fan-Base development is not a celestial art or an exotic science practiced in the dark n’ dank of some basement laboratory, it is consistent communication and the provision of sport-based excitement, entertainment, social interaction with like-minded people, consuming adult beverages, cheering on and relating to their favorite race teams and forgetting for the day what comes with life routine…It’s called the Fan/Guest Experience.

And, as important as any element listed here, the sports leadership must devise and execute programs that attract, involve and hold the interest of the market we call ‘The Millennials’ and deal with this generational realignment and their dependence on social media in terms they can understand. This critically important demographic wants to believe that the sport cares about them and recognizes them as a viable and important market… When this is accomplished, in concert with our other key markets, the sport we refer to as APBA- Offshore Powerboat Racing will be well on its way to commercial success.


Open Water Powerboat Racing

A new series of commercial spots, tied to Open Water Powerboat Racing in 2020 and 2021, is being developed to build and maximize a beverage brand’s recognition and sales volume in the US!

According to J. Garcia, the VP of Brands and Marketing, the brand is over 100 years old, and still growing, now she feels there is an urgent need to build brand awareness in the US.


Teams, Venues and Partners

The sport of Closed Course Offshore Powerboat Racing must effectively utilize the power and rivalry of social media and partner marketing to sell the sport to the ‘populous’ be it the developing fan base or racing participants.

We cannot rely on the fact that there will always be fast boats and people who will want to race ‘em. The sport must improve its race product, its relationship with relevant manufacturers, and develop strong ties to interested commercial partners and participating venues.


The Rise Of Social Media . . .

Thanks to the rise of social media, our markets crave the ability to defend their ‘buy-in’ decisions and look to their friends, on and off the ‘Inter-Web’, to reinforce their choices.

Our targeted markets aren’t just looking for great Race Product; they’re looking for the feel and a sense-of-community. They want to join a tribe of like-minded people echoing their sentiments and sharing their racing and performance powerboat lifestyle experiences.


A large part of our business activity involves event concept development, site location and acquisition, event management, event production services
and event related travel and transport logistics with an emphasis on Bahamas, US and Caribbean resort destinations;
It is a Roger Berkon priority to attract strategic partners that share our client’s desire to produce and or sponsor Place Specific - Lifestyle Events.

Our clients have included Anheuser Busch-InBev-five consecutive concerts in the Bud Light Port Paradise Concert Series, Bud Light Hotel-Miami Super Bowl,
Royal Caribbean International, Best Buy, NCL (Norwegian Cruise Lines), ESPN / Disney, TD Bank Canada and many more.
- Roger Berkon -


I wish it possible to turn back time and again be seduced by the sights and sounds of Offshore Powerboat Racing in the Bahamas.

At the milling area and starting line were the early versions of boats such as Bertram, Formula, Cary, Cigarette, Magnum and a few more, powered by legendary motor builders, Holman Moody, Daytona, Mercury, and Kiekhaefer.



Resorts World Bimini hosted the first Offshore Powerboat Association -OPA- race outside US (domestic) waters April 28th and 29th, 2017. This successful and exciting offshore powerboat racing event was the culmination of effort on the part of the Resorts World Bimini / Hilton Hotel marketing team and Roger Berkon for B O S A, a group that has been producing lifestyle events throughout the Bahamas, Caribbean and elsewhere for more than thirty years.




Give us your vision and we can provide all event services transparently (non-branded) as your production group, yet certify full independent contractor status at all times. We look forward to reviewing and discussing your event concepts, proposals and production plans. Or we can develop an event package for you. All you have to do is show up. We can take care of the rest. We are easy to work with.


Our site services team can provide production equipment, production labour, per diem management, service helicopters, charter air / sea transport and event site concierge for commercial partners, sponsors, entertainers and production staff. We are the one call you have to make before your next event.


We are experienced and specifically well versed in lifestyle events, new product releases, concert production, power sports, aero sports, and ocean sports. Marine oriented resorts, ‘full-charter’ cruise ship events, and remote island locations are a specialty..

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