As to the questions of how and why Pahokee Outpost works… What bolts of lightning did the Pahokee Outpost Team manage to bottle and how does this all apply to the substantial and continuing economic impact to the local community and surrounds . . . that is all a matter for discourse. The important thing is Pahokee Outpost will work, and it will work extraordinarily well.

We’re in the middle of a festival boom-by some estimates, north of 30 million people per year attend festivals in the United States alone, and new events are popping up like mushrooms to feed every conceivable lifestyle niche. Applying the Pahokee Outpost concept to motorsports shows, powerboat poker runs, races and rendezvous is a natural and all can follow the escape, for a few days at least, into an internal-combustion-powered alternate reality of like-minded people at Pahokee Outpost.

Pahokee Outpost has many moving parts: There are planned car shows, motorcycle shows, boat shows, RV shows, food and beverage events, music events and nonstop scheduled and impromptu on-water activities all with a singular vision tying it together. The Pahokee Outpost objective is to build a strong and exciting lifestyle events and venue brand.

If there’s something that makes Pahokee Outpost different it’s that it is a thoughtfully designed, skillfully executed brand wrapped around an exciting lifestyle event venue. It is conceived by the Pahokee Outpost Team with the explicit goals of creating more lifestyle event enthusiasts, an incomparable guest experience, and taking those with a casual interest who might otherwise live a lifetime of casual enthusiasm, and turning them into hardcore lifestyle activists.


Claudia Hoyser

Claudia Hoyser is an emerging modern country artist picking up steam with her sass, class and swagger. Always carving a unique path, this girl is paving her own way in the music industry and rocketing into 2019. In a year’s time Claudia and her devoted team have impacted country radio and garnered over over 40 million organic streams on social media, resulting in Claudia becoming a social influencer.

Her latest single, “Call It Out” hit country radio and rapidly climbed the MusicRow Country Breakout Charts.


Tito's Vodka

Tito Beveridge wasn’t always known as “the vodka guy.” Born and raised in San Antonio, Tito went to Vanderbilt for a year before returning to Texas to attend UT (University of Texas at Austin), where he graduated with degrees in geology and geophysics. After college he got into the oil and gas business. He did that in Texas, and then found himself down in Venezuela and Colombia running heli-portable dynamite seismic crews. He came back to Texas, again, and started a drilling company in Houston.


Pura Vida

At the intersection of craft and beverage, the story of Pura Vida Tequila dates back to 1923, when two brothers worked the agave fields outside Arandas in the heart of Mexico’s finest agave-producing region. Under the care of these vigilant agaveros, the fields of beautiful blue agave in Los Altos earned international acclaim for its exceptional quality, rich flavor, and high sugar content (the lifeblood of tequila). Here, among fourth-generation agaveros, the first expression of Pura Vida Tequila was brewing.



Pahokee Outpost- It was not long ago a handful of ‘aging-adventure-types’ took the plunge to develop the Seaplane Resort at Pahokee Outpost hoping that an addition of an aerosports facility catering exclusively to seaplanes would resuscitate the dying ‘over-the-dike’ economy.

‘Small-Town-Skeptics’ thought it was crazy, and worse, to put forth that kind of money and effort in a community lacking any real commercial direction and effective civic leadership.



I am lakeside at Pahokee Outpost on the eastern shore of Lake Okeechobee, having a great chef’s signature lunch with ‘adult-beverages’ at one of Palm Beach County’s best waterside restaurants while watching race boats testing for a Pahokee Outpost weekend power boat race. It’s a beautiful sunny Friday, and there’s no way I’d rather be spending it anywhere else...


A large part of our business activity involves event concept development, site location and acquisition, event management, event production services
and event related travel and transport logistics with an emphasis on Bahamas, US and Caribbean resort destinations;
It is a Roger Berkon priority to attract strategic partners that share our client’s desire to produce and or sponsor Place Specific - Lifestyle Events.

Our clients have included Anheuser Busch-InBev-five consecutive concerts in the Bud Light Port Paradise Concert Series, Bud Light Hotel-Miami Super Bowl,
Royal Caribbean International, Best Buy, NCL (Norwegian Cruise Lines), ESPN / Disney, TD Bank Canada and many more.
- Roger Berkon -



Give us your vision and we can provide all event services transparently (non-branded) as your production group, yet certify full independent contractor status at all times. We look forward to reviewing and discussing your event concepts, proposals and production plans. Or we can develop an event package for you. All you have to do is show up. We can take care of the rest. We are easy to work with.


Our site services team can provide production equipment, production labour, per diem management, service helicopters, charter air / sea transport and event site concierge for commercial partners, sponsors, entertainers and production staff. We are the one call you have to make before your next event.


We are experienced and specifically well versed in lifestyle events, new product releases, concert production, power sports, aero sports, and ocean sports. Marine oriented resorts, ‘full-charter’ cruise ship events, and remote island locations are a specialty..

B O S A Roger Berkon is not an air carrier nor does B O S A Roger Berkon own any aircraft for hire and or otherwise utilized for any commercial endeavor.
B O S A Roger Berkon does not have authority from the Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or any other government agency to
operate any aircraft nor is B O S A Roger Berkon engaged in the business of maintaining, owning, repairing or evaluating the physical condition of any aircraft.

B O S A Roger Berkon is solely in the business of brokering aircraft charters on behalf of clients. All Flights are operated by Part 135 Carriers. All operators
providing service for B O S A Roger Berkon clients must meet the current standards as set forth by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).