Our markets crave the ability to defend their ‘buy-in’ decisions . . .

Thanks to the rise of social media, our markets crave the ability to defend their ‘buy-in’ decisions and look to their friends, on and off the ‘Inter-Web’, to reinforce their choices.

Our targeted markets aren’t just looking for great Race Product; they’re looking for the feel and a sense-of-community. They want to join a tribe of like-minded people echoing their sentiments and sharing their racing and performance powerboat lifestyle experiences. The Offshore Powerboat Racing community can be a filtering tool, a strong defense of their ‘buy-in’ decisions, and a place where our targeted markets find value in belonging.

A strong element of community has always been one of the prime elements of organization and success in the motor racing markets. Building on the efforts of community, Offshore Powerboat Racing faces the challenges of putting its Race Product in the spotlight, building a broader Fan- Base and attracting Investment in the forms of suitable Commercial Partners, Venues and Sponsors.

Building the Offshore Powerboat Racing community doesn’t have to be daunting. Instead of wondering where to begin, let’s engage with and capitalize on the behavior that exists within the Offshore Powerboat Racing base and performance boating lifestyle.

Here are my thoughts on how to get started:

Think broadly when further developing the Offshore Powerboat Racing community. Let’s throw our net wide and gather as many curious and like minds as we can. Too often we are quick to assume we know the exact individuals who will gravitate toward Offshore Powerboat Racing and the Race Product. However, it is this limited mindset that can turn off those who don’t meet our calculated demographics and this will ultimately lose Offshore Powerboat Racing exposure and potential success. Instead, lets open the door to every person who enters in order to get feedback and enthusiasm rooted in diversity… Let’s use this proactive approach to our advantage and encourage our targeted markets to share with others why they have embraced Offshore Powerboat Racing.

Let’s engage in trust building conversations with our markets. In the past it seems that Offshore Powerboat Racing relied on its Race Product to do most of its talking. Our new targeted markets are accustomed to unfettered access and two-way communication, we need to engage with our new markets from the start and keep communication lines open.

Each of us knows communication builds trust and supports a successful business community…we must become masters of the art of effective listening.

“It does Offshore Powerboat Racing little good to just shout out information at our targeted markets and turn away once they respond. We cannot assume that everything we communicate through our Offshore Powerboat Racing channels will immediately make sense to the audience. Provide a platform whether social media channels, a well-monitored email address, or a carefully crafted onboarding series where our responding audience can honestly voice their ideas, concerns, and complaints. Reply to them quickly and take the feedback as actionable. When our audience feels heard, they’ll help us all point Offshore Powerboat Racing to a successful future.

Let’s put our stake in the ground and build the best Offshore Powerboat Racing and performance boating lifestyles community in motorsport.

That’s all for now. If you have read this far, I thank you for your consideration and hope we can move forward in making Offshore Powerboat Racing in the US all it can be, together and with unity.