It’s not JUST A RV park and marina it’s a continual WEEKEND FESTIVAL...a race place and LIFESTYLE EVENTS VENUE.

pahokee outpost seaplane

I am lakeside at Pahokee Outpost on the eastern shore of Lake Okeechobee, having a great chef’s signature lunch with ‘adult-beverages’ at one of Palm Beach County’s best waterside restaurants while watching race boats testing for a Pahokee Outpost weekend power boat race. It’s a beautiful sunny Friday, and there’s no way I’d rather be spending it anywhere else...

The re-modeled ultra-modern marina and RV park are both filled to capacity. The overall ambience of Pahokee Outpost is transformed into a totally immersive festival of commerce, the speed sports, a weekly frog n’ hog barbeque and live music concert.

If you have heard of Pahokee Outpost but haven’t visited, odds are even you have a particular, and perhaps not flattering, picture in your mind of the sort of crowd you will encounter… I wasn’t sure what to make of a Pahokee Outpost weekend. Was it a powerboat race, a car show, a motorcycle show, and a live music chimera? Well… before I even made it through the gates I realized I was facing something significant. Whatever a Pahokee Outpost weekend is, and whatever it is meant to be, it is huge.

We flew in to Pahokee (VORTAC PHK 115.4) … On our final approach we could see that the weekend traffic, including numerous motorhomes and all manner of cars, trucks, and motorcycles, was heavy on all three roads going into Pahokee.

By the time we checked in, refueled at Signature Aviation, tied down and made our way to Pahokee Outpost the place was packed… the social buzz and air of celebration was more than anyone could ask for. Earlier that afternoon, Johnny Stanch had shattered the UIM Kilo record laying down a maniacal 197 MPH in his modified Fountain powerboat and the celebration was on… and Pahokee Outpost knows how to party.

Latter in the day as the sun is setting, I noticed most of the crowd is at the nightly green flash ‘n sunset celebration toasting another great day at Pahokee Outpost.

Then, in that mysterious music festival way, the crowd in front of the concert stage went from sparse and tentative one minute to a packed and bumping two thousand or more the next. Somebody named Claudia Hoyser is playing, followed by a kid named “Gator Tail” and an ol’ grey haired dude named ‘Willie’, to finish the evening.

The Pahokee Outpost fans, and fans in the making, are drawing their energy from the music. They are ready to cap off a long day of Pahokee Outpost activity with a long night of partying before getting up, improbably early, to do it all over again until the weekend ends and everybody goes back to reality...

Pahokee Outpost is a thoughtfully designed, skillfully executed brand wrapped around an exciting lifestyle event venue.

“As to the questions of how and why Pahokee Outpost works… What bolts of lightning did the Pahokee Outpost team manage to bottle and how does this all apply to the substantial and continuing economic impact to the eastern shore of Lake Okeechobee and surrounds… that is all a matter for discourse. The important thing is Pahokee Outpost works, and it works extraordinarily well.”

Pahokee Outpost has many moving parts: There are car shows, motorcycle shows, boat shows, RV shows, food and beverage events, music events and nonstop scheduled and impromptu on-water activities all with a singular vision tying it together.

The Pahokee Outpost objective is building a strong and exciting lifestyle events and venue brand.

I am sure we will meet you there one weekend soon...