A new series of commercial spots, tied to Open Water Powerboat Racing in 2020 and 2021, is being developed to build . . .

A new series of commercial spots, tied to Open Water Powerboat Racing in 2020 and 2021, is being developed to build and maximize a beverage brand’s recognition and sales volume in the US!

According to J. Garcia, the VP of Brands and Marketing, the brand is over 100 years old, and still growing, now she feels there is an urgent need to build brand awareness in the US.

The Open Water Powerboat Racing Lifestyle commercials are tentatively scheduled to debut in February leading up to the 2021 Miami International Boat Show. The planned thirty second commercials are the first electronic media ads for this brand in over three decades.

“The decision to return to television and the Internet started as a discussion about our desire for a corporate rebrand, with Roger Berkon, at the Resorts World Bimini Offshore Powerboat Gran Prix in 2017. That event and further discussion opened us up to the numerous possibilities. We looked at our media mix in a very different way causing us to shift away from our primarily tabloid trade print to TV sports advertising”, said Juanita Garcia.

There are multiple components to the association with the Open Water Powerboat Racing lifestyle, including promotion during broadcasts, the possible sponsorship of a co-branded Race of Champions and numerous branding opportunities at the race sites. The campaign intends to entertain fans, host beverage retailers and distributor prospects, while building brand awareness at each of at least six proposed Open Water Powerboat Racing events.

The Open Water Powerboat Racing Lifestyle theme of the commercial spots will be carried throughout multiple media, including print, social and digital, as well as select trade shows and key in-person on site celebrity events. Two state of the art, canopied, race boats symbolizing the brand, sport and lifestyle are to be featured across the creative. The boats, being considered, are to be shown in a variety of settings and locations you might not expect to see them, such as a major construction site, a large manufacturing facility, a brewery, a soccer stadium, a winter sport resort and a NASCAR speedway.

“It is an exciting way of the brand illustrating our commitment to building the consumer relationship and getting to know and better understand our US customers,” says Ms. Garcia.”